My late picspam of the Oscars because idk, Pips is always late. Tis a disease I suffer from. But really dudes, I try hard. I guess I dont succeed cause I dont try hard enough. sigh.

I am fashionably late and how. )

 Just some pictures that make me all kinds of flaily.

my glorious pun is SO phun. ;) )

The pictures DO NOT belong to me. They belong to whoever takes them, own's them. I'm not infringing on any coprights cause I lay no claim to them AT ALL.
(Phew, disclaimers are hard. No sue me plizz.)
I’ve been dying to do this. But I didn’t really have the time. However now I do. So here goes, my favourite red carpet look of the globes.

P.S – The only reason I look forward to award shows every year is for the dresses. I couldn’t care less about who wins. Cause I am that shallow and I really really like pretty dresses. :D

And yeah, pretty image heavy. :)

picspam of pretty people/dresses ahoy! )


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