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Jan. 13th, 2012 03:29 am
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So, I got my results. 77.3% (GET IT, ME!)

My Mom dropped the phone in shock. A) And then asked me if I was well.B) Then asked me if I was playing a bad joke. C)Then asked me why I lied to her.

A - Because I'm the Queen of the middlin sixties. Mid seventies in an end-sem exam is unprecedented and unheard of.
B - Same as above. Shit like this never happens to me. NEVER.
C - Cause ever since the exams ended, I was convinced I would fail one of my papers cause it was too lenghty and I was unable to finish it and therefore I left a twenty-marker and I've been hyperventilating since then. Also in another paper, I was so stress I was pretty sure I mixed up answers (I did, but not on such a large scale as my fevered imagination was imagining). Therefore to prep my Mom beforehand, I told her that I just might have an arrear this time, so that if it happened, she would not have a meltdown of epic proportions. When the results actually came and I told Mummy she asked me why I lied. As if I knew why my examiners were so generous. I had actually schooled myself to accept my arrear with grace(I told myself I would lose my shit later on in private.)

So yeah. In the end Mummy was very happy. I'm happy too. Cause this brings my average upto 72% and I'm 3% away from reaching my intended average. Reaching that will make me die happy. And it will also make Mummy shut up cause my GPA will be like UP there and she can't say I didnt do well. So here's hoping I do well. :)
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