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Lancelot sacrificed himself. :'( You can't help but feel for the dude. And also applaud his resolve. In the very end, he did it for Gwen and  I think that weighed on Gwen heavily cause she didn't realise the enormity of the vow. She just asked Lancelot to take care of Arthur but the way Lancelot sees it, whatever keeps Gwen happy, that is what he will do. Ngl, I shed a few tears.

You know, in original Arthurian myth, I kind of felt bad for Arthur cause you know, true love was Lancelot's and Gwen's thing and not his. Not that I blame them either. Shit happens and you deal. But here, happy ending is not for Lancelot and wahhh! I feel bad for the dude. And now I kinda feel bad for Gwen, cause she's going to acquire a massive guilt complex that dosen't really have a solution.

And Arthur, how do you compete with the dude who just gave up his life for Gwen. Short of doing the same, there's nothing Arthur can really do in terms of the grandest gesture of love. I somehow feel that is going to weigh heavily on Arthur along with his other issues, cause you know, the king in waiting can never have enough issues to plague him.

Also, Merlin, poor thing. Did I ever want to give him a hug when I saw his reaction to Lancelot going into the veil. The relationship between him and Lancelot is/was kinda sweet. Lancelot obviously treats him like a younger baby brother and is always so affectionate towards him. Watching someone that close to you sacrifice themselves cannot be nice.

And in other feelings totally not related to the ones of sadness above - who cannot love Gwaine? He is such a clown. And so much fun ALL of the time  :D And his relationship with Merlin is very sweet too. Gwaine too gets all protective him. Heh. ;>

Come to think of it, I think many people can't help but feel protective if Merlin. He looks like an adorable young boy and he is in many respects and even if they knew he could kick their asses, they would still get all protective of him cause I suppose he's the kind that inspires that in you.

And that was the end of my feelings post.  :)

title snurched from that awesome rap on youtube. :D

Date: 2011-11-20 07:28 pm (UTC)
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You know, in original Arthurian myth, I kind of felt bad for Arthur cause you know, true love was Lancelot's and Gwen's thing and not his.

Aw, I always feel so bad for Arthur in the legends too...I think it's because my earliest exposure to the whole thing was Disney's The Sword in the Stone...it's all fun and games and Arthur learning to be a King - I want no betrayal or loss of love in that story! Poor kid!Arthur has enough to deal with! :)


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