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 I'm making a list of all the ships I ever shipped. Why? Cause it's fun.

Hannah Montana
Lilly/Oliver - OTP - Sidekicks for the WIN!

 Notice a pattern? I ship Lilly with everyone cause she's just that AWESOME.

Harry Potter
Ron/Hermione - Umm, OTP like forever. I remember reading the books and thinking from the beginning that there would be something between these two. You dont have antagonistic friendships unless they end in a relationship or actually are friendships. And the latter dosen't usually happen so I figured the first one would. The point is, I squee about them A LOT. Or was that the point? I'm not sure anymore. Moving on. 

Harry/Luna - I dont have a problem with Harry/Ginny persay but they never excited me as a couple. So I usually tend to read Harry/Luna instead. Cause Luna is amazing and oddly enough fits with Harry who's so nice and understanding with her. Also, I think that her brutal - to him at least  - honesty, really twists up his insides. :)

Draco/Luna - You start reading one fic and this pairing is kind of addictive. Here are two people basically have the same angelic/ moonlit colouring but really couldnt be more different. It's interesting you know?

Dean/Luna - Dude, JKR did ship tease about them, right? Or did I imagine it in my rosy shippy version of the DH?
Seamus/Lavender - One of the most beautiful fics I have ever read has been about them. That alone made me ship them. The fic carves out Lavender beautifully and redeems her if you hated her for coming in between Ron/Hermione.

Neville/Luna - Dear god I was rooting so hard for this to happen. These two just fit you know? Seriously, they do.
Marcus Flint / Katie Bell - I read this one awesome fic about them and then I was hooked. In the context of that fic, the way the author developed them and treats them, you can't help but ship them.
Sonny With A Chance
Sonny/ Chad - She's one Disney lead who I really like. Adorable and all that. :)
Chad/Tawni - Getting two of the most vainest people on the show together makes me feel like the results would be explosive and witty and of course, tinged with some angst. 
Sonny/Tawni - Sometimes I swear I do get stray ideas of them getting together. She's mostly like the female version of Chad. Negl, it would work.
Wizards of Waverly Place
Alex/Justin - OTP, nothing much else to say. (Yes, I know the obvious elephant in the room but honestly speaking, can you ever see these two having healthy relationships outside of each other? I dont see it happening cause even when they aren't up to shenanigans ( which is rare to even begin with) their need to be involved in each other's lives is overwhelming.
Max/Harper - OTP. :'( I seriously love them SO much and you know it, you just know that Max and Harper together would be the BOMB. Diggity.
Camp Rock
Tess/Jason - OTP; It just works. It just does. In my head it's like they are the most obvious choice together.
Nate/Caitlyn - fanfic always developed him much better than the movie did (obviously) and honestly, these two would be so cute together. Also in the way of the second bananas usually getting together, they should have got together. Disney really crapped all over this.
Shane/Caitlyn - They are kind of antagonistically, doomed ship kind of awesome who make you want to ship just cause you want your shipper self to cry over them. They're kind of cruel like that.  
High School Musical
Chad/Sharpay - Sure I sometimes read Troy/Sharpay but really, Chad/Sharpay is where it's at. They are both interesting personalities who seem shallow but definitely have more depth than that. Also, the few lines that they share, full of UST with a healthy mix of snark and hate. And that has me shipping like nothing else.
Life With Derek
Casey/Derek - They have never been my OTP or anything but really, they just make you take notice and make you WANT/HAVE to ship them cause that chemistry between them really is explosive magnetic whatever. You know, I didn't even like Casey to begin with and Derek didn't sit well with me but against my better reason, I watched and then inevitably, I shipped. *shrugs* 
Lizzie/Edwin - Yes, I know they are platonic on the show but I really do like the idea of them together. I just do. They would be the most well adjusted couple ever.
Sheldon/Emily - OTP!  My two most favourite characters in the show. They are MEANT to be. And for that very reason, I like to think that Derek/Emily never happened at all. Or that Sheldon and Derek threwdown for Emily's hand and Sheldon won through sheer awesomeness and the force of his cuteness.
Sam/Emily - Obligatory sidekick action ya'll? What else is there to say?
Ralph/Emily - Another favourite character and plus they would be adorable.
Trevor/Emily - They were cute when they were there and besides, Emily is just that shippable y'know?
Dan/Blair - Dude, I shipped them from the very first season and then I lost interest in the show and now they sorta seem to be happening? That was pointless but seriously, I thought they were the only viable couple on the show. Still do.

Jenny/Erik - Yes I know he's gay but dudes, if you see the first episode where they meet, it's like they are setting those two up for something and it seemed really sweet and touching . And they bloody well should have, dammit! Not that I dont appreciate the guy and the issues he has but seriously, I still weep over this pairing  sometimes especially considering the fact that he WASN'T gay to begin with in the books. I'm just a thwarted shipper and therefore more ragey than usual I guess over this.
The O.C/ Gossip Girl
Blair /Seth - In my head, they would work and click instantly and constantly exchange snarky, snarky remarks.
JEFF/ANNIE - They are sort of completely addictive as a pair and it dosen't help that they have ridiculously amazing chemistry ever and seriously, Annie would win anyone over. Especially a sometimes douchebaggy - too much product wearing - handsome ex-lawyer. I swear they send me into spasms of delight.
Abed/Annie - It's growing on me. *is sheepish* If Jeff/Annie is no go, which I feel it will be despite my intesne love and affection for it, I honestly wouldn't mind Abed/Annie. They are all sorts of adorable together. And their names start with A. Which is not a valid argument I know but I just had to throw that out there anyways, in case it helps.:D
Step UP 3D
Camille/Julian - Anyone might be thinking who the hell? I'll describe them this way. Take Natalie's asshole but !hot brother and pair him with that cute girl who Moose dances with all over the street. *nods*  
27 Dresses
Jane/Kevin - I've watched this movie so many freaking times and each time, I think I ship these two HARDER. I just just love them so much cause they are imperfectly perfect for each other.
The Last of The Mohicans
Uncas/Alice - Their moments were SO brief and yet so pretty (waterfallscene!) and then they were both dead. I bawled like a baby. I really did. they really were just so wistful and so sad and sigh...
The Covenent
Chase Collins/OC - Yeah, I'm not big on OC's but since there was no one to pair this guy up with, I dont mind reading fic about him with a nice OC. He would ahve made a pretty interesting character and honestly speaking it would have been really cool if the Covenant was an hour long TV series with him him as the villain who has shades of gray. (I think I have a strong attachment to him. I cant even figure out why.)
Harshvardhan/Rajjo - Which is basically Saif Ali Khan and Vidya Balan(OTP!) together and I figure the movie sort of tanked but I think they are my Bollywood OTP more than anything else. Every time I watch the movie, I pay special attention to the few scenes those two have together and by gum I really wish I could see more. But since I can't, I rely on my imagination. Which works I guess.
One Tree Hill
Nathan/Haley - OTP!
Brooke/Lucas - I never did like Lucas/Peyton. Yes I know they were the epic love story to end all love stories but I prefer Lucas/Brooke more.
Jake/Peyton - And the reason I never liked Luke/Peyton was cause I always felt she fit better with Jake. They were super sweet when they were happening.
Shawn/Gus - I've always watched this show without a shipper's eye. I dont know why. Shawn and Gus got on so well together that's even when they are with someone else, it's hard to see beyond them. And then I realized, that I do ship Shawn/Gus. I don't know in what capacity but I do ship them as something that cannot be separated. like two pieces of bread which form a sandwich? 
Jasper/Annie - Yes, I know he's stalkerish and all and he lit Liam's boat on fire but still, I ship them okay? Just dont judge me for my twisted heart and it's shipping tendencies!!
Achilles/Briseis - I've never been madder at a movie character than I have been at Paris of Troy. Seriously, stupid cant keep it in his pants, skirt wearing wuss. Blergh. He sent Troy to it's death, he sent Hector ( AWESOME IS NOT an adequate representation of this dude) to his death  and he kills Achilles under the mistaken assumption that Achilles is hurting Briseis. You moron, those two loved each other! He makes me rage like no one else. >:[
Kasuatii Zindagi Ki
Prem/Mukti - I used to suffer through the show only cause I loved these two. He was the consumate bad boy and she was the consumate good girl and she fell in love first and he fell in love with her later and they never changed who they were for each other and that made me enjoy this couple anymore cause really, reformed bad boys take the sting out of things.
Macy/ Everyone  - she really is that amazing and I ship her with all the three brothers and Stella too. Though I have a soft spot for Nick/Macy I can still read about her with anyone and not have an apoplectic reaction.
Kevin/Stella - They could have/might have worked and in the few scenes they have together, they do convince you. Well they convinced me and I'm really easy to convince. I think that's what interests me about them.

Date: 2011-06-01 08:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] amandajoyce118.livejournal.com
I have no opinion on some of your ships. Haha. Mainly because I don't have a whole lot of familiarity with some of these, but this needs to be said:

I ship Lilly with everyone cause she's just that AWESOME.

Lilly was (and still is) my favorite character, so I hear you on that. Even though I love the dynamic between Lilly and Oliver, I can read fanfic of her with almost any character on the show if it's done correctly.

I dont have a problem with Harry/Ginny persay but they never excited me as a couple

I can admit that I expected them to get together, but I was disappointed when it happened. It was so rushed, no build up on Harry's end until it actually happened. I think I would have liked the couple more if there had been more... something. I don't know.

Dean/Luna - Dude, JKR did ship tease about them. Or did I imagine it in my rosy shippy version of the DH?

This. We must have the same shippy version of the book. Haha. Though, I also would have loved Neville and Luna together. Just because that would have been entertaining as well as awesome.

Alex/Justin - OTP, nothing much else to say.
This is actually the reason I don't generally watch the show. David and Selena have such amazing chemistry that I cannot help but ship them, and then I'm creeped out by the fact that I'm shipping siblings. So, I stay away.

Oh, and I love that you ship Macy/Everyone. Haha. Nicole Anderson was the best part of that show. I think it was just hard for me to watch because I couldn't buy the performances of the Jonas Brothers. They just weren't made to be actors. I'm sorry. But I loved Macy.

Date: 2011-06-01 08:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] unoriginal-liz.livejournal.com
This is so fun - I love reading other people's shipping preferences. You always find out something cool or interesting...or brain bending, like -

They have never been my OTP or anything but really, they just make you take notice and make you WANT/HAVE to ship them cause that chemistry between them really is explosive magnetic whatever. You know, I didn't even like Casey to begin with and Derek didn't sit well with me but against my better reason, I watched and then inevitably, I shipped. *shrugs*

I can't believe it! I mean, so MUCH of the fandom is based on Derek/Casey=OTP. I DO heartily approve of your Sheldon/Emily OTP though (and I admit that Trevor/Emily would have been adorable).

YES to Neville/Luna. I am so sad - I didn't get ANY preferred ships out of Harry Potter - and I thought Neville/Luna was a shoo-in!

And YES to Shawn/Gus too. I haven't seen much of Psych, but they are super adorable together.

I want to do a shipping list now :)

Date: 2011-06-02 08:37 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] justmediya.livejournal.com
You watch Kasauti?? O.o How can a girl who loves Community stand a K-serial??? O.o :P XD

Some of my OTPs match with you- jalex, dasey, Jeff/Annie, Lolliver.

Good to see the full list, I'm thinking I should do one of these too :D

Date: 2011-06-02 10:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] justmediya.livejournal.com
My problem with K-serials is that they are too melodramatic, too slow, too cheesy, and too far from reality for my choice XD :P

I will make one then :D

Date: 2011-06-08 12:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sandalaris.livejournal.com
I was going through my friends pages and I found you, so I clicked on your journal and found this. And I can't NOT comment when so many ships match my own. ;P

Lilly is beyond shippable. I thought I was the only one with a love for Lilly/Jake (I also have a soft spot of Lilly/Nick since he said she smells niced). The only one I don't ship is Jackson/Lily, but that has more to do dith my deep seated dislike for someone dating their sibing's best friend/best friend's sibling.

I thought that too! About Dean/Luna. I pretty much ship all of those as well. What can I say? HP brings out the shipper in me and I end up with hundreds with little ships surrounding the mother ship: SS OTP Draco/Ginny. So the only ship on there I've never gotten into is Draco/Luna, but I have no amimosity for them. :)

I no longer watch Sonny With A Chance (second season bored me) I do love all of those ships on there and looked them up while I was into the show.

I've vaguely heard of people shipping Max/Harper. Interesting. I do ship Jalex hardcore.

You pretty much named, in order, my favorite ships on Life With Derek. XD

Never seen Community, heard of it though, althought I did stumble across and read (by accident) a Jeff/Annie ship manifesto and ever since then, I've known I'll end up being a shipper if I ever get around to watching it.

I know what you mean about Shawn and Gus. I can't really ship either of them with anyone either. Although I don't really ship them together either, but I'm open to them together. I fell in love with Juliet/Lassiter over the course of the second season. :)

Macy from JONAS is the most shippable person on the show. I mainly put her with Kevin, but I can see her with almost anyone. There's something about Nick/Stella as well that interests me. As well as Nick/Van Dyke and Nick/Fiona. Nick is extrememly shippable as well.

Date: 2011-06-10 04:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sandalaris.livejournal.com
They do, I know we don't know much about Ginny from the books, but from what we do know, I think they fit quiet well.

Hmm, it's definitly an interesting ship. I could see it.

I've seen exactly one episode, or half of one episode I should say. There was a paint ball war going on.

They are! I wasn't even looking to them as a ship, honestly I thought I'd go the Juliet/Shawn route, but by the time the second season hit, I was seeing Jules/Lassiter way more.

You're a Nick/Van Dyke fan? And if so, are you the one that got me into them? I know someone did, I just can't for the life of me remember their username. :/
There's just something about Nick that makes him fit with just about everyone. (Well, I don't like Nacy, like at all, so that's one area we differ, and one person I just can't seem to pair him with.) :)

Date: 2011-06-13 02:07 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sandalaris.livejournal.com
Lol, probably. I actually downloaded season 1 episode one to watch at some point I've just never gotten around to watching it.

Yes! That was her. I think she wrote the first Nick/Van Dyke ever, lol. And it was so good. I was inspired to make a vid for them, lol.

True. :)

Date: 2011-06-13 07:12 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sandalaris.livejournal.com
Aww, really? Thanks. XD


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